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Aggressive HFT Index

AHFT sellers dominated AHFT buyers in E-Mini S&P 500 at 1550 on 20210518

Stop worrying about HFT and get the facts. We identify and track the latest HFT algos. Intraday. Predictive.

Available history: from 2016


Institutional Investor Activity

Institutional sellers dominated buyers in the U.S. stocks at 1300 on 20210518

We reverse-engineer institutional execution algos so you can track and benchmark performance intraday. Predictive.

Available history: from 2017


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"Awesome product, awesome service" -- major quant Portfolio Manager, user of AbleMarkets AHFT Index.

"AbleMarkets performs thorough research. With timely delivery, [AbleMarkets] feeds make positive impact on my daily job." -- Execution Manager, major quant fund.

"We rely on AbleMarkets for innovative and meaningful content." -- Quant Researcher, major hedge fund.


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