Introducing Best Execution with AbleSlice

By Irene Aldridge (

Post date: 2023-12-06 15:52:32 GMT

Improve Your Execution with AbleSlice for Better Trading Results!

How much can you improve execution of your orders?

AbleSlice (powered by AbleMarkets) estimates that in November 2023 alone, execution managers could improve their execution prices with a simple overlay by:

  • +0.077% (-7.7 bps) on average on sell order slices placed throughout the day (averaged across all trading days in November and all Russell 3000 stocks)

  • -0.089% (-8.9 bps) on average on buy order slices placed throughout the day (again, averaged across all trading days in November and all Russell 3000 stocks)

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    How does AbleSlice help improve execution?

    AbleSlice tells you when the high-frequency trading (HFT) activity is high in the given security. When HFTs are buying en masse, they are driving up the price, but the price impact is temporary. So, if your algorithm is set to buy at the same time as HFTs are buying, you will have to pay more to fill your orders. Instead, AbleSlice suggests that you postpone your buy orders until HFT flow neutralizes or turns to sell. At the same time, when the HFTs are buying a particular security, it is a great time to double down on your sell orders – you will get a premium fill.

    For sell orders, AbleSlice works in the similar way: when HFT sell flow is high in a particular security, the HFTs temporarily drive down the prices, creating an advantage to buyers, but disadvantaging sellers. This is when AbleSlice recommends that you double down on your buy orders, but hold your sell orders.

    AbleSlice delivers a data feed of intraday high-frequency trading (HFT) activity estimated by AbleMarkets Artificial Intelligence (AI). The data feed is currently delivered every 20 minutes. Our backtest of the impact of the HFT strategy lasts at least 20 minutes and often longer.

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