Institutional buyers dominated sellers in NVIDIA CORP at 1130 on 07/02/2024

Post date: 2024-07-02 15:46:50 GMT

This chart shows distribution of institutional flows for NVDA: % institutional buyers in green and % institutional sellers in red. The proportions of the institutional flows are estimated as a % of the total volume traded in NVDA at 1130 on 07/02/2024. As the chart shows, there is more mass on the buyers side of institutional flows than on the sellers side. However, the history of institutional flows and their relative proportion over time also matters.

NVIDIA CORP (NVDA) is a technology company specializing in GPU design and development for a variety of sectors, including gaming, professional visualization, automotive, and artificial intelligence. Founded in 1993, NVIDIA is based in Santa Clara, California and operates in over 35 countries. The company's products are used in PCs, game systems, AI cars, data centers, and more, allowing people to experience more realistic graphics, faster computing, and more intelligent machines. NVIDIA develops its own technology and works with industry leaders to create innovative solutions for customers. NVDA has grown to become one of the largest chipmakers in the world and its products are widely recognized for their performance and quality. With a strong focus on sustainability, NVIDIA has created energy-efficient solutions that maximize the power of its components.

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