AbleMarkets Corporate Filings AI Index for GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO /OH/ for 20230816

Post date: 2023-08-16 22:02:51 GMT

AbleMarkets AI on the recent corporate filings for GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO /OH/ (GT) show a weakly positive trend. The weakly positive trend may persist for the next 20-60 trading days (1-3 months). Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co /OH/ (GT) is a global leader in the tire and rubber industry. Goodyear has been in business for over 120 years, and has built a reputation as an innovator in tire and rubber products. Goodyear manufactures tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. In addition, the company produces rubber components for industrial and consumer applications, such as hoses, belts, and gaskets. Goodyear has a strong presence in both the North American and global markets, with a focus on providing quality products at competitive prices. The company is also well-known for its commitment to sustainability, working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste in its production processes.

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