AbleMarkets Corporate Filings AI Index for F45 Training Holdings Inc. for 20230804

Post date: 2023-08-05 14:48:34 GMT

AbleMarkets AI on the recent corporate filings for F45 Training Holdings Inc. (FXLV) show a weakly positive trend. The weakly positive trend may persist for the next 20-60 trading days (1-3 months). F45 Training Holdings Inc. (FXLV) is a leading global franchise network of functional training studios, with over 1,700 independently owned and operated locations in 38 countries. It provides a unique and innovative 45-minute circuit-style workout that combines elements of HIIT and circuit training to provide a comprehensive experience for members. F45 Training focuses on providing a comprehensive suite of services including fitness classes, personal training, nutrition advice, and online programs to help members achieve their health and fitness goals. With its commitment to excellence and innovative approach to fitness, F45 Training is transforming the way people think about exercise, enabling members to get the most out of their workout and achieve their desired result.

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