Market flows turn negative

By Irene Aldridge (

Post date: 2022-11-22 16:07:57 GMT

- 2-week trend in flows shows negative sentiment from institutions and HFTs - Market news today highlights positive and negative terms - AbleMarkets Daily Alert helps you stay ahead of the markets

Every day, AbleMarkets sends out a market alert to our clients that includes a recap of the previous day's market action, as well as our current outlook for the markets. Today, we're sharing our latest market alert with you so that you can stay up-to-date on what's happening in the markets. We hope you find it helpful!

Today's market flows started neutral then quickly turned negative, with both institutional investors and HFTs selling off holdings across the U.S. markets. The 2-week trend in flows has also been negative for both institutions and HFTs. Institutions, in particular, had a broad sell-off last Friday, November 18, as the chart shows.

The market news picked up by AbleMarkets News AI today emphasize "investors" and "privacy" as positive terms impacting the U.S. markets and "Russia" as a highly negative term. "Suella Braverman" and "MI5" showed up as negatives for the markets. Suella Braverman is the current U.K. Home Secretary, who many Brits appear to associate with poor U.K. policies on immigration and a potential in an MI5 scandal.

Among the U.S. public companies, AbleMarkets Corporate Filing AI picked out BRT Apartments Corp (NYSE:BRT) as the likely winner over the next month or so.

The market flows today emphasize the importance of considering global developments when making investment decisions. If you want to stay ahead of these trends, subscribe to AbleMarkets Monthly for alerts every AM about what's happening in the markets around the world that could impact your portfolio.

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