Institutional Investors are Buying VIX – Time to Get in on the Action

By Elsya K. (

Post date: 2023-01-25 18:46:13 GMT

AbleMarkets Institutional Investor Activity index (IIA) detected high net buy institutional flows in VIX index, a proxy for market volatility. The high interest in volatility was observed in this morning's New York trading session

Volatility is attractive when the markets are expected to go on a wild ride, or when the market is about to experience a considerable uncertainty. During times of market volatility, institutional investors are able to take advantage of the market fluctuations to gain higher returns, as well as diversify their portfolios. Volatility also allows institutional investors to enter and exit positions quickly in order to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations. Furthermore, institutional investors may also use volatility to hedge against market risks, as it can provide a buffer against losses.

Given the current market conditions, the IIA index is a valuable tool for detecting high net buy institutional flows in VIX index. By subscribing to AbleMarkets now, investors are able to take advantage of AI technology to beat the markets.

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