AbleMarkets: AHFT buyers dominated AHFT sellers in VXX at 1330 on 20230203

By Anya P. (

According to AbleMarkets, AHFT buyers had a strong day in VXX at 1330 on 20230203, dominating AHFT sellers. This is an encouraging sign for institutional investors, CFOs, and quant traders, as it reflects increasing confidence in the broader market. AHFT buyers typically take long-term positions, meaning that they are confident enough in the market to take long-term positions and look for future gains. This confidence makes VXX a desirable investment for those looking to buy and hold for the long-term. In addition, quant traders may be encouraged by the strong showing from AHFT buyers, as this suggests that the market is ripe for profitable trading opportunities. This chart shows distribution of AHFT flows for VXX: % AHFT buyers in green and % AHFT sellers in red. The proportions of the AHFT flows are estimated as a % of the total volume traded in VXX at 1330 on 20230203. As the chart shows, there is more mass on the buyers side of AHFT flows than on the sellers side. However, the history of AHFT flows and their relative proportion over time also matters.