"It's All Gonna Crash", They Said...*

By Irene Aldridge (https://twitter.com/irenealdridge)

Post date: 2023-09-29 14:10:49 GMT

* AbleMarkets clients knew better

Just before the last U.S. Fed meeting, AbleMarkets detected strongly positive institutional and high-frequency flows. A positive flow indicates a "buy" flow in the signed-flow universe. Institutions are large sophisticated entities that often allocate millions, if not billions, of investor capital to an idea. The HFTs cover proprietary traders as well as sophisticated execution brokers using HFT technology to process client orders to minimize observable flows. Yes, we know what those are! (Our founder, Irene Aldridge wrote a couple of books on the topic.)

AbleMarkets intraday flows provide real-time market microstructure analysis, allowing our clients gain deeper insights into market dynamics, trade execution costs, and liquidity conditions. With AbleMarkets' advanced analytics and data-driven insights, our clients make more informed trading decisions and optimize their trading strategies for better performance. We help clients optimize transaction costs, minimize illiquidity impact and conceal your tracks (the latter is a fundamental pillar of best execution!).

AbleMarkets performance is not just cover intraday flows, however. By understanding the breakdown of flows into 1) Institutional, 2) HFT and 3) Retail, AbleMarkets clients are able to make substantial long-term performance improvements. As our performance tool shows, our aggregated ideas deliver substantial Sharpe ratios in daily data, as well.

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