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Introducing AbleMarkets' NewsAI Index: Unleash the Power of News

Providing detailed AI-based analysis of the entire news corpus across and their impact on the markets as a whole and for each individual traded entity.


  • It's hard to keep up with all the news and social media.
  • The amount of information out there is overwhelming, and it's only getting worse.
  • AbleMarkets News AI Analysis takes all of the news and social media data and summarizes it for you in an easy-to-read word cloud. Plus, we give you a buy/hold/sell recommendation so you can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Unique and original data scource: developed using novel techniques discussed in the Big Data Science in Finance (Aldridge and Avellaneda, 2021, Wiley).
  • Includes both long and short signals -- can be used to optimize exits in long-only portfolios.
  • Covers most of the U.S. equities, futures, foreign exchange, and other asset classes.
  • History from February 2020 to present for your backtesting.


  1. AbleMarkets News AI Analysis is the solution for you. We distill all the important news into easy-to-read daily or weekly updates for your financial instruments of choice. Plus, our team of experts are always on hand to help you make sense of it all.
  2. Determine your universe: AbleMarkets News AI index is distributed per financial instrument name.
  3. Sign up for daily or weekly updates for the financial instruments of your choice.
  4. Receive your data in any or all of the following ways:
    • API
    • Visual online dashboard
    • Text alerts for all or selected filings only (for example, filings that result in the buy or sell ratings)
    • Email alerts for all or selected filings.
  5. Capture the benefits and improve your bottom line.

How to Use AbleMarkets News AI Index?

The index is delivered in a convenient and familiar research format: every equity name is classified as a Buy/Hold/Sell.

IN ADDITION: Receive a word cloud summary of the most impactful topics separated by color: red topics have a negative impact on the markets or your chosen instrument(s), green topics have a positive impact.

The index can be combined with other AbleMarkets indices and any other research for an even more targeted forecast in a portable alpha-style framework.

The forecasts are highly predictive on a week-ahead basis.

Supported Asset Classes

AbleMarkets News AI Index is available for most of the U.S. equities, futures, foreign exchange, and other asset classes.

The history goes back to February 2020.

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Data Description

The AbleMarkets News AI Index is based on 50+ years of data science research documented in Big Data Science in Finance (Aldridge and Avellaneda, 2021)

Data Distribution

The index data is distributed on trading days every morning before 2:30 AM ET to satisfy our European clients.

Sample Daily Data

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Data Dictionary:

The intraday data distributed in a table via AWS S3 or FTP contains the following fields:

  1. Date (YYYYMMDD): the last news date, NOT the data distribution date
  2. Symbol (e.g., ULTA)
  3. Recommendation: 1 (Buy), 0 (Hold), -1 (Sell)

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